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Services | Sales & Marketing Outsourcing | AIDO Consulting | New Jersey, USA

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Wondering how your business can utilize the latest in Sales and Marketing Talent and Tools without going broke?
Discover how with Partnering Out by AIDO Consulting

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Sales Operations

Increase the effectiveness of your commercial sales team with the latest in sales operations process strategy and tactics. 

This includes fully customized processes centered around 
  • Sales Funnel Philosophy and Software Development
  • Opportunity Tracking and Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Budget Development
  • Sales Team Training & Development

Digital Marketing Strategy & Tool

AIDO’s marketing strategies for our clients are designed with one objective in mind: generate leads today that are nurtured into opportunities that become tomorrow’s sales.

Whether it’s a new brand identity, the creation of new website design/content, or SEO to increase your web presence - we strive to make sure each client’s campaign creates a lasting impact that will take them to new heights.

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Business Development

Want to know where your next untapped market is?

Let AIDO put together the comprehensive market intelligence reports and entrance strategies that will help show you the segments and industries that will drive your growth for years to come.

Outsourced Analytics

Our dedicated Analytics Teams help our clients decipher and leverage data from a variety of sources to generate better and unique business insights – all to help accelerate growth through higher profitability and performance.

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Our Process


Discovery Session

We get to know your business and your goals.

Strategy Plan & Tactical Execution Overview

We assemble your customized strategy aimed at optimizing your sales and marketing efforts.



Ongoing Execution & Evaluation

Rest easy knowing your strategy is in motion and constantly identifying areas of new opportunity.

Ready to get started?

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