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Traditional Outsourcing Pitfalls
Offshore outsourcing is the practice of hiring teams overseas that can manage your business needs at rock bottom pricing. While this seems tempting to startups and businesses looking to grow rapidly while watching their bottom line, here are a few reasons you should avoid offshore outsourcing and instead look into Partnering Out, here in the USA.

Abroad work appears to be substantially less costly… at first.

While these solutions draw you in with unbelievably low prices, it turns out, it is regularly significantly more costly for in the end. This is particularly true of tasks like design, comprehensive sales and marketing strategies and content production. Time differences mean that you may be sleeping while your offshore team is working, making management slow. Think about designing a complex and important website or sales funnel but barely being able to communicate with the team doing it! What a nightmare (literally). This is further complicated by the language barrier many companies experience when choosing to partner offshore.

The language barrier

Another issue that can slow or even potentially halt work is the inevitable language barrier. Many offshore companies are in countries like India. If you don’t have a great ear for accents, well, you could be in a tough spot. The other thing that goes along with language is a differing understanding in culture. There are expressions and slang that apply to great sales and marketing here in the US that are not understood in other cultures, necessarily.

Tax issues

Those small fees can turn into large expenses when it comes to supervising overseas operations and managing complex foreign tax problems.

Profitable and scalable US companies are understanding these pitfalls of traditional offshore outsourcing and are slowly returning to finding partners here at home. Our solution called Partnering Out, offers a full service sales and marketing team for less than you may think.

Instead of offshoring, consider Partnering Out. Our team is your team. Get started today.