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January 26, 2018 - Aido Consulting

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Traditional Outsourcing Pitfalls
Offshore outsourcing is the practice of hiring teams overseas that can manage your business needs at rock bottom pricing. While this seems tempting to startups and businesses looking to grow rapidly while watching their bottom line, here are a few reasons you should avoid offshore outsourcing and instead look into Partnering Out, here in the USA.

Abroad work appears to be substantially less costly… at first.

While these solutions draw you in with unbelievably low prices, it turns out, it is regularly significantly more costly for in the end. This is particularly true of tasks like design, comprehensive sales and marketing strategies and content production. Time differences mean that you may be sleeping while your offshore team is working, making management slow. Think about designing a complex and important website or sales funnel but barely being able to communicate with the team doing it! What a nightmare (literally). This is further complicated by the language barrier many companies experience when choosing to partner offshore.

The language barrier

Another issue that can slow or even potentially halt work is the inevitable language barrier. Many offshore companies are in countries like India. If you don’t have a great ear for accents, well, you could be in a tough spot. The other thing that goes along with language is a differing understanding in culture. There are expressions and slang that apply to great sales and marketing here in the US that are not understood in other cultures, necessarily.

Tax issues

Those small fees can turn into large expenses when it comes to supervising overseas operations and managing complex foreign tax problems.

Profitable and scalable US companies are understanding these pitfalls of traditional offshore outsourcing and are slowly returning to finding partners here at home. Our solution called Partnering Out, offers a full service sales and marketing team for less than you may think.

Instead of offshoring, consider Partnering Out. Our team is your team. Get started today.

Partnering Out
Partnering out is our service offering of “plugging in” our full-time team directly into your Sales, Marketing, and Business Development departments to fulfill vital daily, monthly, and annual functions. But with any full-service business development solution, there are skeptics. Some of the standard objections are as follows:
You can’t do it yourself? You must be lazy.
Why not build an in-house sales and/or marketing team?
Partnering comes with a hefty, unjustifiable cost.
To the skeptics, we counter thusly:

It’s not a luxury. It’s an investment.

Partnering Out allows our clients to succeed without having to hire full-time headcount or adding to already-strained workloads to accomplish their goals. 

Our solution offers three distinct benefits at a cost any company can afford:

Access to expert talent

With our Partnering Out solution, your business has access to high-quality talent for as long as you need to complete your unique goals and then move on with no further obligation.

Reduce overhead and free up resources

You can now operate with a bare-bones marketing or sales operations team while leaving the heavy lifting to us! By freeing up your team of detailed, time-heavy strategy and implementation, your company will benefit from their increased availability.

The latest in sales & marketing tools simplified and implemented

There are so many useful SAAS products on the market that could really make a difference for your company. But who has the time and resources to train employees on these platforms? By Partnering Out, your team can focus on high-level ideas and leave the technical knowledge and implementation to our team (your new extended team). We use the latest and most effective marketing and sales products on the market to accelerate your business growth.
As you can see, the skeptics are just haters. We work with every client to create a custom plan that works with your industry, work style, and budget to bolster your sales and marketing efforts and ultimately increase revenue for your business.


Get in touch with our team today and make us part of yours!

As your business starts to gain traction, it’s important to have a solid sales strategy outlined to ensure its ongoing success. But the question presents itself, what sales method is right for you? In this article, we will examine the differences between Inbound (digital) and Outbound (traditional) sales methodology so you can best shape your sales strategy to your company’s needs.

Outbound or Traditional Sales

Traditional sales tactics are what we refer to as “outbound”, meaning that the flow of information comes from your company’s sales representatives out to your prospects. Traditional sales methods are heavily reliant on a team of sales reps that are offered a base salary or are incentivized through commission (or a combination of the two).

In today’s digital environment, this is the less convenient of the two options we are presenting in this article. However, just because traditional sales is an old tradition, doesn’t mean its not for you. Depending on your industry, traditional sales can still be the way to go. That being said, in almost every industry today, your traditional sales methodology can benefit from marrying with modern sales tactics like inbound marketing.

Inbound, digital sales methodology

A more modern approach to sales is to be digitally driven. Modern sales differs from traditional sales in that the flow of information isn’t limited to outbound reach. Inbound marketing and sales tactics involve creating solutions that are flexible and tailored to your target’s unique needs.

Leads are also more often than not more qualified by the time they get to your sales funnel because they have been brought in by a solid digital marketing strategy (also known as Inbound marketing). Inbound marketing strategies position you as an expert in your field through valuable, entertaining or actionable content that benefits your target market.

Some inbound methods that combine sales & marketing are:

  • Social Media 
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Google Adwords & Remarketing

What’s right for you?

Every company must build up its own particular sales process depending on its market, vertical, offerings, and industry position. What works for one organization will undoubtedly fail for another. Take time and think about who your target is and truly care about solving their needs. This will push you towards a unique sales process that benefits your company and its clients.

Looking for sales methodology advice? Get in touch with our team of pros for a discovery call and start your journey to a proven sales strategy today!