The top 10 marketing tactics you should try in 2018

This is the age of technology and digital marketing. The online market is evolving at such a rapid pace that it has become hard for companies to stay ahead of their competitors. It is important that you plan your strategies according to the evolution in the market to maintain your success. Here we have the top 10 marketing tactics that would be beneficial for all business organizations in 2018.

Pay attention to customer lifecycle

You should consider the life cycle of the customers according to their relationship with your product or service. Approaching your entire marketing plan from this perspective will help you to target the right people at the right time with the right messaging. This optimizes your conversion funnel by being more personalized to each individual customer in their journey to doing business with you.

Build customer experience

It is important for every company to pay attention to the experience that they are providing to their customers. A good customer experience:

Builds credibility
Increases loyalty
Improves customers life by answering a specific need or want 

Marketing automation

There are different tools available in the market that will help to upgrade your marketing campaigns according to the evolution in marketing techniques. Using marketing automation tools will help to save time and money of business owners. Think about using apps like Zapier to connect various marketing tools.

We are huge fans of management solutions like Trello and encourage all of our clients to use company messengers like Slack. There is an endless host of tools available for use, but don’t drown in automation. Make sure you select platforms that actually add to your company and don’t zap time. 

Use social media messaging apps

The popularity of social media sites is rapidly increasing and so it would be beneficial for the organizations to use social media messaging apps as a source of communication with customers. You will not have to spend money on different SMS marketing plans and the message of your will be effectively conveyed. 

Video marketing is important

One of the most important changes that you have to bring in the marketing campaign is video marketing. Share short videos regarding your business because it helps to attract more customers!

Use content marketing to increase customer engagement

Content marketing will always be an important way to increase customer engagement. Share attractive and information content that will make your customers spend more time on your website because it will increase your sales.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is here to stay. It is one of the most important marketing tactics that you should never ignore. Use simple tools like Yoast, a WordPress plugin, that will help to rank your website on the first of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

Marketing insights sources

It is important that you have complete marketing insight into what is working for your business site. Know how your strategies have been performing so that you will know that where improvement is required. In this way you will stay at the top of the industry. It’s important to have Google Analytics enabled on your site to be able to run reports and gain important insights to what, when and how users are viewing your website.

Know what your competitors are doing

You should pay attention to marketing strategies that your competitors are using. Assure that you use tools, content and customer care better than your competition to maintain a sense of premium product and care for your customers!

Data automation

Use different data automation techniques that will help you to save your information and data related to the business. There are several cloud platform that provides enough storage space to save your entire data.

Aido Consulting is here to help you with your marketing tactics in 2018 and beyond. We have a team of marketing experts who will provide the best advice regarding the tactics you should be using and how you can improve them. Get in touch today!