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Get to know us

Who are we and what do we do:

We provide Sales and Marketing services to small and medium size businesses that are looking for a partner for their sales process, strategic and tactical marketing, and business development requirements.
We are a dynamic team of professionals comprised of Sales, Marketing,and Business Development experts. Our experience was cultivated from adiverse mix of fields – including Medical Device, Computer Programming,Consumer Products, and Specialty Medical and Consumer Packaging.

If you've wanted to have world-class Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service operations to grow your business but couldn't quite figure out how to accomplish it - AIDO Consulting is your personal Sales and Marketing department.

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Why we're different
We think our clients care just as much about the WHY as well as to the WHO and WHAT. 

We started AIDO Consulting because we felt the pain of the “typical” consultant services that left us feeling more than underwhelmed – and right back where we started: alone and in need of help.

When we founded AIDO Consulting in 2017, we promised ourselves and our clients we’d do things differently. We’ve kept our word by incorporating one philosophy into everything we do: we only succeed when you do. This means innovation, quality, integrity, and consistency in everything we do for our clients.
Not your typical consultants

We started AIDO consulting because we love to help businesses thrive. Our passion for what we do sets us apart from the competition.

Our Philosophy

Innovation, Quality, Integrity and Consistency in everything we do.

Our clients sometimes need more than a good plan – they need
someone they can trust to be with them every day, every step of the way.
This is where our philosophy of success was truly tested – 
and the concept of “Partnering Out” was born. 

Find out how this unique offering sets AIDO apart from all the rest: