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Sales Operations | AIDO Consulting | Sales & Marketing Optimization Outsourced

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Sales Operations

Your business can't grow without the proper sales operations laid out. 
AIDO has experts ready to help you establish a solid sales foundation.
Explore our variety of Sales optimization tactics below:
Sales Funnel Methodology and Process Development

Methodology & Process KPI and ROI Analysis Opportunity Coaching & Development for Sales Team

End User/Help Desk Support

Respond to user questions & requests Issue resolution with Salesforce.com or other third party integrators New user account creation Creating reports & dashboards Outlook and mobile configuration

Change Control

Guide user steering committee meetings Perform system health checks

CRM & Reporting Customization/Configuration & Administration

Provide advanced support for customizations & setup Post-deployment enhancements & new functionality design Report & dashboards Security, role hierarchy, sharing rules Approvals & workflow rules Custom field/object development Page layout enhancements Territories & assignment rules Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case Provide support for advanced Salesforce.com

Development Support

Scope custom Visualforce, Heroku, Apex code, & API work Analyze, implement, recommend, and support third party applications as needed

Training & Adoption

Execute corporate adoption strategy Ongoing user training and refresher sessions New hire training

Data Quality Support

Data cleansing Importing lists & migrating data files Adding new data quality controls Supporting integration points

Project Management

Planning & project management Review release notes and create feature implementation road map Build and execute plan for ongoing enhancements & issue resolution

  • CRM System Selection and Customization

    Select, Design, and Customize your CRM solution – built by us to meet your exact business needs

  • CRM System Selection and Customization

    With “Partnering Out”, our CRM Analysts can run reports, extrapolate your data, and provide actual strategic recommendations to help you harness data in real-time and grow your business

  • CRM System Selection and Customization

    Integrate other business department systems into your CRM – Including Finance, Sales Reporting, HR, and others to put that data at your fingertips.

Why invest in Sales Operations Optimization with AIDO?

AIDO’s sales strategies for our clients are designed with one objective in mind: 
lay a solid foundation to build a effective, proven sales methodology for your company.

Whether it’s a new custom CRM or training your dedicated salesforce,
 we strive to make sure each client’s campaign creates a lasting impact that will take them to new heights.